Digital start-up Keyprod has designed an ingenious IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) system that allows real time management of production thanks to the analysis of the vibrations of the equipment interpreted by artificial intelligence technology. Expertise first acquired in aeronautical factories at JPB Système and now widely used throughout the manufacturing industry. Thanks to this solution, Keyprod clients can optimise the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their manufacturing unit. A promising industry 4.0 project!

About Keyprod projects

The Keyprod solution revolves around a box installed directly in production equipment. ARRK assisted with the pre-industrialisation of two box models, developed in France by Keyprod.

Andrea, Project Manager at ARRK explained: “We produced 500 pre-production Keyprod boxes. We manufactured the screen holder and light holder on the Keynetic model. Here, the issue was optimising the transparency of the light strip, without showing the electronics integrated into the device. As work could take place in any type of industrial environment (including dark places), it was essential to maximise the diffusion of light whilst preserving the perception of colours. This was in order not to compromise the interpretation of the light signal by the operator.  Quite a challenge!“

Aurélien continued: “The Keyprod boxes house electrical components. I therefore advised the client to use a UL94-V0 type acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) resin to obtain both flame-resistant and aesthetically-pleasing parts. I recommended a polished, reflective finish to maximise the transparency of the light strip of the Keynetic model.“

A quality relationship built over the course of the project

Keyvibe box – injection moulding technology – © Keyprod

Our client said: “For plastic 3D prototyping builds, we have our own in-house machines. However, in order to produce low volume quantiities involving low volume quantities, in injection moulding, we use external industrial partners. Following an initial collaboration in a previous professional life, I realised that the concept of quality was very clear at ARRK. For example, I benefited from a mould design review before the start of production. What’s more, on completion of each run, I receive a metrological report on the state of our production and moulding.

At the same time, regarding pre-production models, I knew I could count on the durability of the parts supplied by ARRK throughout the useful life of our box. Finally, I also experienced the company’s speed of execution, which is an important factor in the context of a start-up. I therefore naturally contacted ARRK again to carry out the 150 vacuum-cast proof-of-concepts (POC) of the Keynetic box to be deployed with our first clients. “

Supporting the client from POC to the pre-production model

Following validation of the POCs, the development of the Keynetic box continued towards the production of batches of 50 pre-production models. Our client went on:  “Thanks to its command of the injection process, ARRK is capable of keeping up with the increases in volume and rate of our production in a robust, reliable and consistent manner, from a few hundred to several thousands of units.“

Aurélien, Project Manager at ARRK concluded: “We supported Keyprod every step of the way. For the client, the transition from prototyping to mass production was very smooth: our vacuum-cast prototypes were directly transferred to our Injection workshop. Today we are finishing the material adjustments and the surface condition tests of the Keynetic box. “