Silgan Dispensing is a leading global supplier of highly engineered triggers, pumps, sprayers and dispensing closure solutions to major branded consumer goods product companies in the home, health and beauty markets. For over 15 years, we have supported the product developments requirements of this customer: transparent or white bottles, push mechanisms, powder boxes,… Testimonial of Éric Rossignol, enthusiastic customer!

Why use 3D printing?

Pump dispenser: black and gray lacquered SLA base, Clearvue lacquered container

Our client explains: “We have our single-cavity prototype moulds made by our mould-making partners. Before going into production in our multi-cavity steel moulds, I use additive manufacturing to validate the aesthetics and dimensions of the objects. With stereolithography (SLA) technology, the dimensions are accurate enough to provide a level of precision that is often sufficient. For dimensions to the hundredth, we sometimes require additional finishing to the SLA parts. This method allows us to validate functional dimensions. We therefore avoid heavy reworking in prototype moulds. Thanks to this approach, we significantly reduce the number of iterations and the costs of product development. “

What types of projects are you working on with ARRK?

“During the past 15 years, I have mainly entrusted ARRK with the development of” proofs of concepts “, that is to say prototypes very close to the final part. They are used to validate the ergonomics, proportions and appearance of the packaging, or to test the dispenser pump. For 2-3 years, we have been working mainly with stereolithography (SLA). We also sometimes collaborate on projects combining SLA and vacuum casting technologies”, adds our client.

“I was particularly pleased with a recent project. While we are now developing a new range of luxury packaging, it was a question of making a transparent 30 ml bottle in SLA technology with a Clearvue epoxy resin, and a polished varnished finish. The delivered piece turned out to be perfectly presentable. The transparency of the material was adequate to enhance the visual appearance of future creams and products that would be shown in the container. I was also impressed by a project for a compact case with a “piano black lacquer” finish. They clearly understood our requirements and produced in the ARRK workshops “, our client recalls.

What does the collaboration with ARRK bring you?

Transparent cosmetic bottle SLA 30 ml

“I standby the excellent value for money of ARRK’s services. In our industrial business, product design cycles have accelerated over the years. I usually get a response to my request for quotation within the day and then go into production almost immediately after approving the quotes. Being able to choose your material from a sample library, or even visit the ARRK factory in France, is a real bonus in terms of our specifications (quality requirements). Furthermore, ARRK is a reliable supplier with which I have no bad experiences. Agreed deadlines are respected. In a way, ARRK gives me peace of mind,” says the client. “We got to know Silgan Dispensing under the Albéa umbrella. This client knows our expertise very well and sends us very precise specifications. He details the technology and material of his choice. This allows us to qualify and respond swiftly and effectively to requests”, comments Leo, Project Manager at ARRK.

The final word?

“There is a plethora of prototypists in France and abroad, it is an ultra-competitive market. From time to time, I test new suppliers, but it must be recognised that the quality of the samples delivered does not reach the precision or the quality of finish from ARRK. Our collaboration still has a bright future ahead! », Concludes the client.